July 22, 2017

Control4 Automation

Most people are using their smart phones, tablets etc at their home these days, trouble is most domestic grade wifi routers are just stuck in one location so the range is limited. Sure you can add repeaters and extenders and the like, however, these all have their own issues such as limiting the actual data, experiencing frequent drop outs, etc. And the biggest factor of all is we like to move about when on our portable devices.

When this happens even with multiple access points our devices want to stay connected to the first point even if that has the weakest signal.

The solution is now here, great for the home or business environment.

A wifi manager from Luxul connected to upto 16 access points will provide seamless roaming from point to point. No more drop outs.

Talk to us today about our 3 access point deal

3x Access Points

5 port POE Switch

Wifi Manager

Only $1050 for the hardware,

plus installation costs such as cabling etc.

We can inspect your home / office for suitability.


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