July 22, 2017

Control4 Automation

Home Theatre Control Package

This is a good place to start in Home Automation, but giving you just a little extra to be able to expand your system without the limitations or other systems.

Use one remote control to replace all your Audio Visual Equipment remotes. Have your room lights Dim when a movie starts and come on when paused or movie is stopped.

One button will then shut down your room when you are finished. You can also have control from your mobile phone or tablet.


The Package we have put together consists of the following items:

Control4 HC250 Central Controller

Control4 Keypad Dimmer Module

Control4 SR260 Remote Control with Charging Cradle

Data Point installed (Either hardwired or Network over Power)

Electrical Works (To install the Keypad Dimmer Module)

Control4 Mobile App

90 Days 4Sight Subscription (for remote access)

Installation, Programming and Training


Total Package $2,999*     rrp$3,532


*For a limited time only.

**Customer must have an existing network with available ports and working internet connection.

***Installation of your AV equipment not included in this package, contact us for a quotation if you require this in addition.