July 22, 2017

Control4 Automation

Centralised Lighting System

The ultimate in reliability and usability.

This package is for new builds or major renovations. All lighting circuits are wired back to a central location and controlled from wired bus keypads.

The actual switches and dimmers are housed in an enclosure hidden away in the home such as the garage or cupboard.

The package Includes 8x Dimmer Circuits and 8x Switched Circuits. However, can easily be upgraded and expanded as needs arise. Including adding a combination of wired and wireless switches and dimmers.

Controlled from 16x Wired Bus Keypads. Control all lights from anywhere in an extremely robust environment including using your Smart Phone or Tablet from anywhere in the world with internet connection#

Each keypad can be configured in a multitude of ways giving maximum flexibility.

Hardware Costs for average 4 Bedroom Home with Ensuite $11,877*


* plus cabling, installation and electrical work. Does NOT include light fixtures or cabling.

C4-KCB_1-01 New-Keypads panelised lighting

#Over the internet control requires a subscription to 4Sight Control4. One Year included in package.