July 22, 2017

Control4 Automation

Control4 Wireless Lighting Control


A simple but effective and reliable solution for controlling lights in your home. Beyond just turning lights on and off. Create scenes to suit your lifestyle. Whether it be entertaining, working, relaxing or going on holidays. Suitable for existing homes as well as new homes. Uses standard lighting cabling and just replaces the switch. Install extra keypads, flexible keypads and the like for maximum flexibility. Add and expand your system as your needs and budget allows.

This package consists of 8x Dimmer Switches and 8x Relay Switches. The Dimmer switches are adaptive and will work with most modern light fittings including LED style lights. The Dimmers can also be configured to suit your needs such as controlling music volumes as well as the lights in that room. Control from any internet connection in the world via your Smart Phone or Tablet.#

At the hub of this starter pack is a HC250 Controller. A reliable and powerful little unit.

To expand the system to more lighting control then we recommend upgrading the controller to the more powerful HC800.

Turn all you lights off on the way out with one button. It doesn’t get much easier and convenient than that.

Approx Hardware Costs to fit out a standard 4 Bedroom Home with 16x Lighting Circuits –  $6,499*

*Plus installation, Programming and electrical works. Does NOT include light fixtures or cabling.


New-Keypads Panelized-Lighting-Control-Keypads


#Internet Control requires a subscription to 4Sight Control4 Service. One year included with this package.