July 22, 2017

Control4 Automation



As more on more technology is entering our homes, the need for a reliable network is becoming more important than ever. With so many devices being able to be networked or have access to the internet the standard networking hardware from the local retailer is no longer going to cut it. Wifi drop outs, router overloads, bottlenecks, etc are all issues many are faced with each day. Having to reset your wifi router because it has locked up. Or having black spots in your home and even with an extra wifi access point your phone just wants to connect to the weakest signal for as long as possible. The solution, a commercial grade network without the price that typically comes with it.

We can provide you with reliable hardware, multiple access points with seamless roaming, high quality switching and more. Welcome to Luxul. A brand that is fast becoming the new standard in integration networking.


luxul wifi